Extensive operational experience in both local and global technology, telecommunications, media and professional services, sets us apart.

From defining your IoT strategy, to driving business transformation and performance improvement from new insight, our team of advisors will ensure you deliver on your aspirations for innovation, change and growth.

Our consultancy
services include:

IoT strategy

We’ll assess where you are and where you want to be, delivering a solution with a business case and implementation framework that will be your roadmap to tomorrow.

Data strategy and implementation

We have strong experience in implementing single ‘source of truth’ data environments consolidating your internal and external data for reliable and actionable business insights.

Data correlations, insights and analytics

Whether we’re working with existing data sources or new IoT connected devices, we can deliver results from the information you collect. We’ll show how you can streamline your reporting, better visualise your data and integrate it into your decision-making.

Business transformation and performance improvement

We can help you develop and deliver the business changes that will realise the most operational, commercial and financial value.