Use cases

From competitive advantages and business transformation, to productivity efficiencies and cost reduction, we can resolve your challenges, address customer needs and deliver success that can be scaled across your organisation.

Explore some
of the ways IoT
is being applied in
different industries:


  1. Improve monitoring to reduce maintenance effort through flood protection and advanced fault diagnosis.
  2. Enhance security, infrastructure assurance and improve restoration time through intrusion detection.

Field Force

  1. Improve technician health and safety performance, lowering risk by checking for leakage such as gas and power.
  2. Use beacon technology and alert mechanisms to manage and improve performance of field technician services.
  3. Remove unwarranted and duplicated asset maintenance through active monitoring and data analysis of physical infrastructure activities.

Resources, Agriculture and Utilities

  1. Monitor water, tank and other container systems supporting distribution, supply side and waste management efficiencies.
  2. Detect leakage and air quality for workforce efficiency and safety improvements.
  3. Optimise power consumption and utilisation across network assets and operations.